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Buyer's Guide to Motorcycle Luggage

Below are links to the various guides to help you choose the best luggage and touring equipment for your needs.



  1. Buyers Guide to Motorcycle Luggage Racks
  2. Buyers Guide to Motorcycle Hard Luggage
  3. Buyers Guide to Scooter and Motorbike Aprons and Muffs







Buyers Guide to Luggage Racks

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Top Box Racks

All the topbox racks listed take the quick release type of luggage. This means that the luggage will be locked onto the rack and you can open the lid of the box whilst it is locked onto the rack. If you wish to remove the luggage, you simply press the release button.
Manufacturer: Givi and Kappa boxes are interchangeable, so long as you have the right type of plate (Monolock or Monokey) click here for more info on Monolock/Monokey . However only Hepco and Becker boxes will fit on Hepco and Becker racks, also Shad racks only take Shad boxes. SW Motech top box racks can come with adaptor plates to fit any of the main luggage company's luggage, so by buying an SW Motech rack you do not necessarily need to be buying into only one manufacturer of top box. You can buy the adaptor plates for the SW Motech racks separately at a later date if you change your box, or if you wish to have two types of box for your bike for different occasions. The click here for a list of the SW Motech adaptor plates
Another advantage of the SW motech racks is that they are quick release , and you can remove the large plate from the rack when you are not using the topbox. This makes the whole rack system a lot less visible and intrusive when you aren't carrying the box.

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Pannier Racks

 All the Pannier racks listed take the quick release type of luggage. This means that the luggage will be locked onto the rack and you can open the lid of the box whilst it is locked onto the rack. If you wish to remove the luggage, you simply press the release button.
Manufacturer: As with top box racks, Givi and Kappa luggage can fit on either Givi or Kappa pannier racks. However it is important to note that the new style "Profile PLX/KLX" Kappa and Givi pannier racks will only fit the new panniers , the Givi V35 and the Kappa K33N. Hepco and Becker and Shad luggage need their own pannier racks. Again the SW Motech pannier rack systems can come with adaptors to fit any luggage and can be removed when not in use. The only exceptions to this rule are the racks that SW Motech have designed for the Givi/Kappa Profile KLX/PLX pannier (See above) This do not need any adaptor kits as they will only fit the K33N or V35 panniers.


To prevent theft SW motech have the optional lockable parts for their pannier racks, see them here. For the other manufacturers there is a drop down menu within the item description for each SW Motech pannier system so you can choose the type of luggage you would like to fit.

Hepco and Becker also now make their own quick release systems for the newer bikes, they call this the Lock-It system. If you search for your bike make and model and click on Pannier racks all the available pannier racks for your bike will be displayed.
All pannier racks are of solid construction. The SW Motech pannier racks (not the new EVO type) are quite heavy in comparison to the Givi and Kappa racks, however this is due to the grade of metal used. The SW Motech EVO newer style rack are a lot lighter and are made from a superior alloy, these racks are only available for the newer models of bike.


 All Givi Pannier racks work in conjunction with the Givi top boxes (unless otherwise stated in the product description), the same is true for the Kappa, SW Motech, Shad and Hepco and Becker racks. The pannier racks can also work on their own. In some cases for Givi and Kappa racks, a top box rack is needed in order to fit the Pannier rack, or if you do not want to fit a topbox rack then a bridging kit is needed. If needed this option will be within the product description.



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Buyers Guide to Hard Luggage

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A Buyer's Guide to Hard Luggage

We have a large selection of Hard Luggage to suit all needs. In this guide we will guide you through the options for top boxes and panniers.

Top Boxes

 Capacity : The first thing to consider is the capacity that you may need. Boxes start from 26 liters in capacity all the way up to 55 liters. The smaller 26 liter boxes are big enough for one full face helmet, and nothing else. The 30 -42 liter boxes will take a full face helmet plus space for waterproofs. Then the two helmet capacity boxes start at 45 liters and go up to 55 liters. If you have the face off style helmets you would need at least a 48 liter box to take two helmets as they don't always fit in the 45 liter boxes. In a 45 liter box you can fit either two full face helmets on their side with the chin of one in the space of the other, or one full face helmet and a full jacket and waterproofs. In order to have two full face helmets side by side you would need the 49, 52, or 55 liter boxes. Kappa K30N

Type : The next thing to consider is the type of box. Both Givi and Kappa have two styles of top box ; Monokey and Monolock. Monolock boxes are single walled compared to monokey being double walled. Two exceptions to this are the Monolock E470 and E370 which are both double walled. Monokey boxes have internal luggage bungees to keep the contents of your box from bouncing around, Monolock boxes do not have these bungees. Givi and Kappa say that Monolock boxes have a lower weight tolerance, however we have used them for all sorts of touring and have never found a problem.. All Monolock boxes come complete with a universal base plate (unless otherwise stated) that will allow you to fit the box to an existing sports rack. If you are buying a monolock topbox and a bike specific topbox rack at the same time , you can purchase the top box that does not come with a base plate because the racks include their own plate.

Top BoxKappa K52

Colour : The boxes come in mat black as standard, however most also come in silver and a range of other colours to suit your bike. The coloured boxes are more expensive that the matt black ones. We are in the process of adding these coloured boxes matched specific bikes to the site, but in the meantime if you would like a quote on colours to match your bike please email your bike make/model/year/colour to us

Manufacturer : All the manufacturers we list produce high quality durable luggage for commuting or touring. However Trax and Hepco and Becker are specialized in hard core /off road touring luggage with a range of Aluminum Luggage.
Attachment : You will need a rack system to attach your top box unless you are using the universal plate. You must use the racks of the manufacturer of your chosen luggage, unless you choose the SW Motech racks, as these come with adaptors to fit any of the major luggage brands.

Gobi PanniersFlash Panniers


The range of panniers start from 21 Liter capacity up to 41 liters. The capacity stated is for ONE SIDE, so when buying a pair remember you have two time this capacity. For example the Givi E21 panniers have 21 liter capacity per side giving you a total of 42 liters. All panniers are the same width left and right unless your opt for the Aluminum panniers by Alpos, Hepco and Becker or Trax. With these you can choose the same size on both sides or a smaller/larger box on one side. Many customers choose to do this when they have an exhaust on one side only, making the bike more even by having the smaller capacity box on the exhaust side.
Attachment : As with top boxes, you will need a rack system to attach your panniers. You must use the racks of the manufacturer of your chosen luggage, unless you choose the SW Motech racks, as these come with adaptors to fit any of the major luggage brands.




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Buyers Guide to Motorcycle Body Work

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Buyers Guide to Scooter Aprons and Muffs

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A Buyer's Guide to Aprons and Muffs

Bike and scooter Aprons are designed to keep the wind and water away from the rider by wrapping around the front of the bike and allowing the rider to put their legs and lower body inside the "Apron". The advantage of this is that you stay warmer and dryer, and makes it more practical to wear standard trousers whilst riding. There are two types of Aprons, ones that are strapped to the bike with elastic strapping which is secure and easy to fit. The other type is permanent fit, which is attached to the bike using parts of the bike's body work, for example you may need to unscrew a panel, put the apron fastening behind it, then re-screw the fastening, All come with a fleecy lining

Hand muffs are designed to keep your hands away from the rain and wind. You can wear no gloves at all if you want when using these. However to be even warmer you can wear your summer gloves. The advantages of having muffs include keeping warm, being able to avoid wearing thick gloves that could hinder your riding experience and avoiding the wind chill. There are bike specific muffs, or general ones that fit most bikes. If there is a bike specific one listed for your bike then this would be the idea as it will have the correct spacing and supports for your bike. All muffs have a fleecy lining.




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