Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do Bagster Tank Covers Work?

These are bike specific leather look water proof material covers for your petrol tank whilst adding functionality for luggage. They cover the entire tank and are colour matched to your bike. This is ideal to protect your tank whilst offering a comprehensive range of quality tank bag options. The bags attach at the front of the tank with hoops into a openable clasp, then on the riders side there are two spring mounted clips that allow for quick release of the front so you can lift the bag up to fill the tank without the bag falling off as the front mounts remain in place. Any of the Bagster tank bags will fit the mechanism, however for trial style bikes Bagster recommend the Trial or Tweety bagster bag due to the shape of the tank

2. How much will delivery cost?

You can use our Shipping calculator to work out shipping costs for any item to any country. 
Simply add the item/items you would like to your shopping basket, then scroll down to the bottom of the shopping basket page where there is a Delivery Country drop dowm menu. Simply choose your delivery country and press the UPDATE button. The page will refresh and show you the delivery options for your selected country for the items you have in your shopping cart. 
Usually the cheapest method is already highlighted, if it is not, then simply click on the method of delivery you want and it will update the price.
If your order is over 3kg it will be delivered by a courier requiring a signature. We use Parcelforce. Our back office systems are fully integrated with Parcelforce which allows both you and us to track your parcels once they are despatched.You will recieve an email from the Parcelforce system with your tracking details. Small items and orders less than 3kg are usually sent via Royal Mail. Both DHL and Royal Mail make daily collections from our warehouse in the UK. Where we deliver to

  • UK Mainland (not inc Highlands, Islands or Northern Ireland) - Royal Mail 1st Class (from £1-£5.99), DHL 48 H £6.99 or £4.99 on orders over £49 or FREE if you buy Givi items over £49
  • Scottish Highlands, UK Islands or Northern Ireland - Royal Mail Parcel £19.99
  • Europe - Royal Mail/DHL Europe Service - From £9.99 to £59 depending on weight- Please use the shipping calculator in the shopping basket
  • USA - DHL World Service - £35.99 tp £169 depending on weight - Please use the shipping calculator in the shopping basket
  • Points to note

  • All our delivery costs are calculated on total weight, this includes the weight of both the products and the packaging.
  • We aim to delivery your order within 3-5 working days.
  • All returns must be sent back to us at our contact address at your own cost and risk, please see our repturns policy before sending items back.
  • All delivery timescales are subject to stock availability.
  • Small items may be delivered by post.
  • The contents of your order and your delivery postcode will determine which delivery services you will be offered.
  • Your order may be delivered on more than one vehicle as this allows us to use specialist carriers, trained in handling your items.
  • Please note that we are unable to deliver to PO Boxes on any of our delivery services.
  • Terms & Conditions Apply.
  • Please note that we now deliver to all European Union Member States plus USA and Canada.

    3. What is the best pannier rack for my bike?

    All the pannier racks we supply allow for fitting quick release boxes. Hepco and Becker racks are German engineered high quality durable racks and are suited for everything from everyday use to heavy duty touring. They have a new range of "Lock it" racks that can be removed easily from the bike when the rack's aren't needed leaving only three barely visible mounting points. Hepco and Becker racks will take any of the Hepco and Becker aluminum or plastic panniers. 

    Givi and Kappa pannier racks are excellent, versatile racks that are very popular. They come in two styles

    4. What is the best Pannier type for my bike?

    View our buyer's guides here

    5. What is the best top box for my bike?

    View our buyer's guides here

    6. What is the best top box rack for my bike?

    All the top box racks we list are designed to have quick release boxes attached to them, and all luggage is lockable to the racks and keys are provided. 

    Givi and Kappa top box racks are the most popular type, providing an extensive range of bike specific quality racks. All the Givi and Kappa top box racks we have listed include everything you would need to fit your box to your bike, including the plate for the box. There fore if you choose to fit a MONOLOCK box you can purchase the box without the universal mounting plate as the mounting plate is included with the rack. A new feature for some Givi and Kappa top box racks is their new M11 plate option (Which we charge £4 extra for). This plate is similar to a sports rack style, which means that when you are not using your topbox your Givi rack can double up as a sports rack to tie down a tent etc. Where this option is available it will be mentioned inside the item description.

    Hepco and Becker topbox racks are excellent quality and are constructed in such a way that you can use them as sports racks and grab handles when a top box is not fitted. Hepco and Becker top boxes are also quick release and lockable to the rack.

    SW Motech top box racks , known as Alu Racks, have a removable plate which leaves a sleek looking under part of the rack when a top box is not needed. .Again as with SW Motech pannier racks, the top box racks can come with adapters to fit any luggage manufacturer. You can also purchase spare plates if you have more than one style of luggage for your bike. 

    Renntec Sports Racks aren't recommended by the manufacturers to be used with a top box due to the load capacity of the racks. Some of our customers choose to fit Givi or Kappa Monolock boxes with their universal racks to the Renntec Sports racks, however we cannot recommend this.

    7. Which Luggae company is best for me?

    All the companies we deal with supply luggage of a very high standard. The Givi and Kappa ranges are the most popular. SW Motech racks are ideal if you do not want the racks on display on the bike all the time, as they are quick release racks and can come with adapters to fit Givi,Kappa, Hepco&Becker,Krauser or Shad luggage.

    Hepco & Becker and SW Motech(Branded as Trax) supply very sturdy aluminum boxes. Hepco&Becker also supply racks for many older bikes which Givi and Kappa have discontinued. Delivery time for the hepco racks is 10 days.

    Bagster Tank Covers and Seat covers are an excellent accessory, as the Bagster bags can simply clip on to the tank covers. Also the tank covers protect the tank from scratches.

    8. Will Givi and Kappa Universal Plates fit my bike?

    The Monolock Universal Plates (that come with Monolock Boxes) and Monokey universal plates are designed to fit to an existing sports rack. They will not work with the Givi or Kappa bike specific rack as they are not wide enough to be bolted to the arms.