Optimate 2 Battery Charger


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Optimate 2 Battery Charger

Optimate 2 Battery Charger


Optimate 2 Battery Charger

Optimizes battery power and life up to 400% more with it's unique charging method and provides safe long term battery care through the proven maintenance charge program that combines a recommended fixed voltage and a low desulfating current pulse for continuous optimization of battery performance

Automatically disconnects from the battery for 30 minutes in every hour of long term maintenance to eliminate any possibility of electrolyte loss, whilst monitoring the voltage and will deliver 

Inter-active stand by charging when the battery has been used or needs charge; OptiMate 2 will immediately top off the battery, then return to maintenance mode. 

Test at connection if the battery can accept a charge or may need replacement.

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Optimate 2 Battery Charger.

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